Summit Centre

Feed A Family, 2017 Campaign

Thanks to Dr. Greg Mitton and his staff at the Summit Centre for donating 30 turkeys to the Feed a Family campaign. It was a pleasure to talk to you #feedafamilypei ~ Nancy Russell 


On Thursday, December 14, after CBC announced that donations to the “Feed A Family” campaign were down this year; Dr. Mitton suggested that he purchase 30 turkeys and we would deliver them to the CBC building at the end of the work day. The warmth we felt when we were greeted by several staff members, including Louise Martin, Compass Host, more than compensated for the cold outside. It was also heartwarming to learn that on Friday, the final day of the campaign, Islanders had come together in supporting this crucial cause, and that numerous families would reap the benefits of that caring and generosity. #ittakesavillage