All about Botox

I recently held a BOTOX information clinic at the TEN SPOT Charlottetown. It was a great event and addressed many of the questions both our clients have about Botox. I’ll share snippets of the FAQs we discussed in future blogs but here are the three questions I recommend you ask yourself first when considering a Botox treatment.

1. Is the provider a Doctor?

As with most things in life you get what you pay for. There has been a recent influx of non-qualified, non-medical providers offering treatment in the low end of the price spectrum. Not only is there significant risk in having an uncertified person perform this delicate procedure, low cost providers quite often over dilute their syringes so there is excess saline relative to the active ingredient. A dilution works but the effects don’t last as long requiring more frequent treatments. Dilutions contain saline. I use a 1-1 to 1:2.5 ratio with a sterile saline which my patients find less irritating. It’s important to ask your provider what their dilution ratio is and what active ingredient they are using.  I’ve found many of the low-end providers use the less expensive Dysport or Exomin NOT Botox.

2. What area are you having treated?

The cost of having Botox treatment varies depending on the area you want to have treated. For example, forehead frown lines are a larger surface but weaker muscle so typically take 20 units. Treating crow’s feet requires 10-12 units/eye since there are many strong but small lines. I tailor every treatment to my patient’s muscles.

I recommend booking a no obligation appointment to discuss your areas of concern and request a quote before committing to a procedure. A good doctor will be able to judge the units required. I am a firm believer in not performing Botox more than every 5-6 months to the same location. The muscles need a chance to contract. Muscles that do not “work” get thin (atrophy) giving your skin a “transparent” thin appearance.

3. Have you had Botox in the past?

Patients who have been using Botox continuously find their injections last longer over time as the muscles become more relaxed due to the effects of the treatment. Some of my long term clients have been known to go up to nine months between treatments. The first couple treatments may wear off faster. Sometimes several sessions are required for the skin to have time to regenerate the collagen to fill in wrinkles and lines.

Considering Botox?

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