Oral Pathology Biopsies

Oral cancers refer to any type of cancer affecting the tongue, jaw, gingival, floor of the mouth, and roof of the mouth. Some cancers can be diagnosed visually, but in most cases a biopsy is recommended to confirm the clinical diagnosis (working diagnosis). The biopsy specimen will be analyzed by pathologists (laboratory specialists), after which the best course of treatment will be initiated.

Treatment for mouth cancer depends on your cancer’s location and stage, as well as your overall health and personal preferences. You may have just one type of treatment, or you may undergo a combination of cancer treatments. Treatment options include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. If other surgeons, radiation oncologists, and/or chemotherapists are asked to be involved, then Dr. Mitton will also serve as your liaison to give the patient guidance, ensure that the patient understands the information made available, and that treatment is performed in a timely manner.